• FantaSea 350 piece Wax Applicator Kit

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    150 small wood applicators
    100 medium wood applicators
    100 large wood applicators

  • Gigi Honee Wax Applicators, Large, 100 Count

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    Easy to use
    Controls wax application

  • Sky Organics Unrefined, Organic Mango Butter for Dry Skin and Hair Care, 16 Oz.

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    HEALTHY AND NATURAL: Sky Organics Raw Mango Butter is 100% Pure, Organic, Chemical-Free and Contains No Additives. It is sourced directly from Organic Artisanal Farmers in India
    FOR A YOUTHFUL ELASTIC SKIN COMPLEXION: Our Organic Unrefined Mango Butter can improve skin tone and elasticity, decrease present stretch marks and help prevent future ones.
    FOR SKIN THAT FEELS VELVETY, SMOOTH & SOFT: Sky Organics Premium Mango Butter is used to heal and moisturize skin that has been exposed to the elements and is a great source of anti-oxidants which help combat free-radicals and help save your skin.Mango Butter Contains High Levels of Antioxidants And Beneficial Vitamins A, C, and E.

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